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Unfriendly reminder that in America it’s reasonable to say an unarmed black kid deserved to be shot six times because he might have robbed a convenience store, but a white kid shouldn’t be kicked off the high school football team just because he violently raped a girl.

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Questions About Books and Reading

1:What was the last book you read? After Her by Joyce Maynard
2:Was it a good one? yes
3:What made it good? I loved the voice and that it was a well-written coming of age story
4:Would you recommend it to other people? yes
5:How often do you read? I am usually in the process of reading a book
6:Do you like to read? yeah
7:What was the last bad book you read? that's hard.. I usually stop reading early on if I don't like a book. I read Rainshadow Road last year and didn't like it much.
8:What made you dislike it? too chick-lit corny
9:Do you wish to be a writer? yeah
10:Has any book every influenced you greatly? oh a lot.. um, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, all of Sarah Dessen's books, the Weetzie Bat books..
11:Do you read fanfiction? I used to
12:Do you write fanfiction? Used to
13:What's your favorite book? can't choose
14:What's your least favorite book? Satanic Verses comes to mind
15:Do you prefer physical books or ready on a device (like a kindle)? I don't really care either way
16:When did you learn to read? uhh probably about age 4
17:What is your favorite book you had to read in school? To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Brideshead Revisited
18:What is your favorite book series? His Dark Materials, Hunger Games, Spellman Files..
19:Who is your favorite author? Sarah Dessen, John Green, Ellen Wittlinger, Laurie Halse Anderson, Lorrie Moore, Amy Hempel, Jamaica Kincaid, so many more..
20:What is your favorite genre? contemporary fiction
21:Who is your favorite character in a book series? hm.. let's go with Katniss
22:Has a book ever transported you somewhere else? yeah
23:Which book do you wish had a sequel? idk, I'm not usually that into sequels
24:Which book do you wish DIDNT have a sequel? I think The Summer I Turned Pretty could have done without the two sequels
25:How long does it take you to read a book? depends on the book, usually a few days to two weeks
26:Do you like when books become movies? sometimes
27:Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation? That Summer/Someone Like You-- made into the movie How to Deal
28:Which movie has done a book justice? The Fault in Our Stars
29:Do you read newspapers? sometimes
30:Do you read magazines? yeah
31:Do you prefer newspapers or magazines? magazines
32:Do you read while in bed? yeah
33:Do you read while on the toilet? not usually
34:Do you read while in the car? no because I get carsick
35:Do you read while in the bath? no
36:Are you a fast reader? I guess
37:Are you a slow reader? I don't think so
38:Where is your favorite place to read? bed or out on my family's sunporch
39:Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read? yeah sometimes
40:Do you need a room to be silent while you read? it helps
41:Who gave you your love for reading? my parents
42:What book is next on your list to read? I just started Withering Heights by Louise Rennison
43:When did you start to read chapter books? 2nd grade
44:Who is your favorite children's book author? so many.. Roald Dahl, Sharon Creech, Tomi Ungerer, Jan Brett, Leo Lionni, Margaret Wise Brown, Madeleine L'Engle, to name a few
45:Which author would you most want to interview? oh wow idk..
46:Which author do you think you'd be friends with? Laurie Halse Anderson posts a lot of similar stuff as me on Tumblr
47:What book have you reread the most? Ronia the Robber's Daughter
48:Which books do you consider "classics"? To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice, Goodnight Moon
49:Which books do you think should be taught in every school? To Kill a Mockbird
50:Which books should be banned from all schools? I don't think any books should be banned, but Fifty Shades of Grey probably wouldn't be a good choice haha
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this just in: the problem with plus size fashion is that plus size women are too mean and critical and full of self-loathing. hey guys, the only thing holding us back is ourselves. if we weren’t so NEGATIVE, we could be in the same place we were years ago and gratefully accepting polyester crumbs. quotes amazing sources like ‘an anonymous blogger.’


wow maybe it’s because we already pay like 30% more than other women and get something ill-fitting and poorly made every single time

maybe your ~new ~expensive ~luxury potato sack does not seem all that different from all those other potato sacks

Let’s just keep buying our Forever 21+ clothes and complain about low garment quality. I mean, do people really not see the difference between mid-range or designer clothing and fast fashion? We only get polyester crumbs, but I’m not paying more money for natural fibers! I want designer and luxury at walmart prices.

And are we really going to sit here and pretend that there isn’t A LOT of self loathing with fat women? Because I have seen about 4000 comments about fat fashion from fat women about how fat women (including themselves) shouldn’t spend any money on clothing until they lose weight because they don’t deserve it or because it will be too big for them in a month.

I don’t understand how we can complain about the poor quality of cheap clothing and then say in the next sentence that we’re not willing to pay for better quality.

I spend a lot more time complaining about the poor quality of expensive clothing. I’m not complaining about the $7 shirt I got from Forever 21. I’m not complaining about Target dresses. But Torrid, Lane Bryant, Simply Be, City Chic…I’ll stop there. For $60 and above dollars their clothes should certainly feature modern, careful cuts and stay in one piece for  more than a year. Frankly I’ve come to expect more from Target than Torrid.

That’s the problem. Plus size clothing is already expensive. The price does not reflect the quality present in our main brands and I don’t see how you can possibly blame the consumers for being aware of this and acting accordingly. It’s also hardly unreasonable for us to want expanded cheap options—smaller people have the whole of Forever 21, not the awkward corner of the store. Hell, they’ve got the whole mall to chose from. We’re lucky if our local stores stock contemporary plus size lines at all.

The article isn’t even talking about stores like LB or Torrid which have had forever and are specifically referring to mostly new brands that cater to plus size women, spending our shopping money on more expensive but better quality pieces instead of just buying garbage from Torrid. Even just having designers that are doing better plus size lines is forcing other companies to improve to compete, how  many designer lines had LB done in the last 30 years?

I agree 100% with this article. It spoke a lot of truth that some people really don’t want to face. If you want designer brands to make clothing in our sizes we better be ready to pay for it.

Yall have heard me say this before. There is nothing wrong with stores like Forever 21 we all shop there its easy & its affordable. But lets be real Forever 21 is not quality. If we want high fashion, it will come at a high price. I have seen on multiple occasions plus size women saying they wish high end designers that we see on the runway, would extend their sizes. But in the same breath say as long as it’s not too expensive. LIKE WHAT!?!?!?

And let’s be real designers and brands see this. They see our conversations, they see how we interact, how praise things, & how we respond when we don’t like something. Think about it, how can we expect a straight size designer to willing make clothes for us when we BARELY support the designers that cater to us already (zelie for she, Monif c, BGU, Isabel Toledo for lane bryant, Navabi, etc.)

WE need to stop confusing what we can’t afford with what we don’t want to pay for. Support what we have so that we can show them that we are willing to spend money.

Or maybe all we really can afford is Forever 21 and Torrid haha. In my case anyway..

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Idris Elba for Details, Septembar 2014 Issue by Mark Seliger


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Colin Mochrie and his wife Debra McGrath have been married since 1989

Colin Mochrie and his wife Debra McGrath have been married since 1989

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Ryan with his beautiful wife Patricia McDonald. Met in 1981, Married in 1988 and been together ever since <3


Ryan with his beautiful wife Patricia McDonald. Met in 1981, Married in 1988 and been together ever since <3

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This is outrageous! Support better care for veterans!
#ReturentheService —&gt;


This is outrageous! Support better care for veterans!

#ReturentheService —>

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Why is Gamora missing from Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise?

Exit polls indicate 44 percent of GotG’s opening-week audience were women, yet Disney/Marvel still seems unaware or unconvinced that it can profit from this half of their audience. At San Diego Comic-Con last month, women’s T-shirts for Marvel’s upcoming Agent Carter TV series sold out in a day, with the bemused attendants saying that they hadn’t expected this kind of interest. This is after years of fans clamoring for a female-led superhero movie from anyone.

Fans have been asking, well… where’s Gamora?

When companies are so sexist they don’t even want to accept women to make a profit you know society is very fucked up 

Yeah except this isn’t true. There’s plenty of merch with Gamora.
She has a figure

A bobblehead

Also custom-printed t-shirts

You can bitch and moan about sexism all you want but don’t fucking lie.

It’s not lying (or bitching and moaning for that matter). Also, you can’t link to a site that is selling unofficial merch and say that it counts as the official sources not leaving out a character. If I went and made 50 Gamora designs, it wouldn’t mean that Marvel had made them, it would mean that I, a fan, had made them. Those action figures you linked are only available in a few select stores, not in every store like everyone else is. I mean look at this shirt; it has five boxes. There are five Guardians. Strangely, they chose not to include Gamora on the entire shirt. Why is that?

She’s not on the display stands either, when they made room for 4 out of 5 guardians. They could have gone with 3 and left out a guy, but they made it work, leaving out the only female member on the team. Why her again?

There’s two sides on this thing and both sides have all 4 Guardians. If it’s a space/size issue, why not have Gamora/Nebula/Ronan/Yondue on the other side? At least she would be included!

Official mugs without Gamora as well:

I mean come on - According to Marvel, the other four members of the Guardians are available at Toys “R” Us online and in stores while Gamora (along with Nebula) will only be available at specialty stores. Seriously. And you think it’s just ‘bitching and moaning’ ? Here are several pictures where it’s clear that Gamora is the only member of the team that is ‘optional’. They aren’t regularly leaving out Drax and swapping it in for Gamora/Rocket/Groot/Peter, or leaving out Groot and Rocket or any other combination. This is not just whining, this is a big deal. Women already have to be happy with just having ONE person of their gender being on a team out of FIVE characters, and you think we’re asking too much for that ONE woman to be included in the merchandise?

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Mourners visited sites from Robin Williams’ movies — laying flowers and memorabilia in his honor. 

I’m glad I got to see Robin Williams’ star on my LA vacation a weeks ago.

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